The Best Non-Greasy Oils to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

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If you shun heavy, greasy skincare oils, this post is for you. During a Twitter session of #stylechat last week, one person asked about our beauty must-haves for the season. I replied unwaveringly with “moisturizers.” Of course, my response was plural because we need to moisturize more than just our face including hands, body, lips, and hair. In an effort to keep my skin hydrated this season, I’ve swapped my emollient lotions for oils – lightweight, non-greasy, moisturizing oils. This is not to say that I’ve thrown out all of my day creams; it’s just that I increasingly find myself preferring essential oils. Unlike your typical body lotion, body oils contain fewer synthetic chemicals because of their plant-based ingredients, and they absorb more easily into skin all while locking in moisture. Moreover, they are experts at multitasking from hydrating, detoxifying, and balancing skin, as well as hair and cuticles. Here are my four favorites, all formulated without parabens or sulfates.

Caudalie Divine Oil: A divine concoction of argan, grape-seed, sesame, and hibiscus oil, this was my first introduction to body oils, and the one that stole my heart away from lotions (thanks, Birchbox). Not to mention, the heavenly scent is like music to your olfactory system. I always look forward to lathering this after a hot shower, which leaves my skin parched.

Olie Biologique Huile Radicale 005: Growing up we were taught that oil was skin’s worst nemesis. Turns out that was completely wrong and that skin actually needs oil to maintain balance and prevent the overproduction of sebum. Packed with vitamins A, B, C, and E as well as evening primrose oil, grapefruit oil, and rosehip oil among others, this 100% USDA certified organic oil provides radiance, evens skin tone, and sufficiently quenches dry winter skin without clogging pores. A tried-and-true must-have for all skin types.

Sabon Shower Oil – Patchouli Lavender Vanilla: While Urban Dictionary calls patchouli oil a “hippie perfume” used in lieu of showering, this sweet-scented patchouli lavender vanilla shower oil begs to differ. First, the scent is divine and addicting. Second, the lightweight texture is great for shaving and moisturizing gams. Needless to say, this combination of shower gel and essential oils puts Dove to shame.

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Total Body Elixir – Restore: One of my many samples from LuckyFABB and my go-to moisturizer lately for post-hot showers, this USDA certified organic oil contains a spicy, aromatic blend of patchouli rosemary, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, and ravintsara. Although the scent is a bit strong, it’s a small price to pay for moisturized skin that lasts for over 12 hours (I’m not kidding! My skin stills feels soft 14 hours later). A little bit goes a long and you can also use it on hair to revive dry, damaged ends. Love it.

Looking for a DIY solution? Coconut oil provides an abundance of moisture to hair, lips, and skin. Just be sure to use it in moderation, especially as a hair mask; too much will weigh your hair down and require multiple washes to rinse out (I’m speaking from experience, of course).

Are you using any essential oils in your beauty routine? I’d love to know. Share your favorites in the comments.

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