Chanel Goes Normcore At Supermarket-Themed Fall 2014 Show


You may have heard about the latest fashion trend inspired by none other than ’90s star, Jerry Seinfeld, called normcore. (What?? I know what you’re thinking. Keep reading.) Think plain, normal people clothes that blend in with everyone else, like sneakers, boxy dad jeans, non-descriptive t-shirts, and baseball caps. Basically, the opposite of everything high fashion believes and values. The style, appropriated by millennial hipsters, musicians like Devonte Hynes, and now designers like Karl Lagerfeld, is significantly more fashionable than its predecessor, though stays true to its humble and “of the people” origins.

Lagerfeld’s latest Chanel collection is quite possibly the most down-to-earth and “of the people” yet, notwithstanding the massive Chanel Shopping Center at Paris’s Grand Palais. The show took place in a giant supermarket akin to a suburban Super Wal-Mart, though its shoppers were decidedly more trendy. Apparently, Lagerfeld wanted to “break away from [the] exclusive, luxurious side” that characterizes the Chanel brand to depict “real people.” 


The supermarket showcased more than 100,000 goods all branded with Coco Chanel packaging. Coco Flakes, anyone? Don’t worry, all packaged foods will be donated to charities; the rest are just pretty empty boxes that will be used for the fall campaign and store windows. The setting itself seems like an appropriate choice; the supermarket is a place where women of all backgrounds converge to shop for a basic necessity. Moreover, it’s a space where women dress more comfortably, wearing sneakers, leggings, and sweaters. The models were similarly dressed down, though they were carrying quilted Chanel baskets and bags. In accordance with normcore, the iconic Chanel logo was conspicuously absent. This had to be the least ostentatious Chanel show ever.

Like Chanel’s last couture show, all the models wore sneakers, which were designed with a mix of different fabrics and colors (very un-Seinfeldish). And although some ensembles drew from Chanel’s classic tweed suit, they were juxtaposed with colorful sneaker lace-up boots for a relaxed and youthful look. Speaking of which, the sneaker boot was my favorite part about the collection. I haven’t worn sneakers in years, but I might just invest in a pair of sneakers and sneaker boots this year.

On a side note, I just love Rihanna’s outfit from the Chanel Couture Spring 2014 show (thankfully, minus the elbow and knee pads). Like the models, RiRi donned sneakers, also from the Couture S/S ’14 show.

Regram from Chiara Ferragni


While I think the supermarket theme was cool, and the clothes even cooler, it does make me wonder about the direction of the Chanel brand. The elite Chanel woman doesn’t wear sneakers, cropped tops, and knit leggings. So just who is the Chanel woman now? The Chanel woman is certainly not the ordinary woman we see at our local store. Like the Couture S/S ’14 show, it’s clear Lagerfeld is targeting a younger demographic, or at least, making Chanel look younger than ever. The addition of Kendall Jenner on the runway is further confirmation.

chanel_kendall jenner_supermarket

What are your thought on the show? Let me know in the comments.

*Photos courtesy of British Vogue

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