Shoe Lust: Sarah Jessica Parker Heels For Every Occasion

“If you can only have one great love, then the city just may be mine. And I don’t want nobody talkin’ shit about my boyfriend.”  – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Are you more Carrie or Samantha? If you would choose Vogue over dinner, shoes over sex, and New York as your boyfriend, then you’re Carrie. But regardless of your answer, unless you’re Jessa Johansson, Sex and the City undoubtably influenced your sartorial choices over the last decade. Like Carrie, shoes are my addiction and I have no problem strutting down the streets of New York in heels nearly everyday. Though, very much unlike Carrie, I can’t afford to feed my addiction with monthly doses of Manolo Blahnick and Christian Louboutin. Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest shoe line at Nordstrom, on the other hand, is a much easier cost to swallow.

The SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker collection (made in Italy, no less) is a more affordable alternative to Carrie’s beloved shoe brands with prices ranging from $195 for flats to just under $500 for heels. The styles are very much in line with what Carrie Bradshaw and Sarah Jessica Parker would wear – classic, feminine, and sophisticated pumps, sandals, kitten heels, and the occasional comfy flat shoe (only worn for commuting, of course!). As you can guess, the line has been so popular that some sizes are already out of stock. It seems like my shoe size in particular is always the first to get sold out (I’ll leave it to you to guess what size that is). For now, scroll down to shop the collection for work, evening, wedding, and weekend. Let me know your favorites in the comments.

1.  Purple sandals for girls’ night because girls just wanna have fun, and these shoes are the epitome of fun.
2. I love pointed toe shoes because they elongate the legs. The asymmetrical Mary-Jane strap on this shoe, named ‘Diana’, makes it more interesting yet still professional for the workplace.
3.  Every woman needs a standard pump in her closet. These red ladylike pumps aptly named ‘Lady’ are bold and alluring for a date night.
4. Calfskin lace-up booties because Carrie Bradshaw would never go shopping in boring shoes.
5. Lightweight and elegant pink metallic strappy sandals perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

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Diane Taha

  • Wow all the 5 looks so tempting to try :P

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    I like the top left purple sandals best!

    • i love the purple shoes. it’s hard to choose a favorite but they are in my top 3.

  • thebostonista

    I’m definitely a Carrie. I used to pretend I was a Charlotte while being closer to a Samantha but deep down I was always a Carrie. Especially when she was at her worst, unfortunately!

    Anyway, I love SJP and she does have great taste but part of me sort of feels like- how does playing a character obsessed with shoes make you a shoe designer? Especially when so many of the styles seem to be just less expensive versions of Manolos? I know they are friends (and that he named a shoe style after her) but I think I’d be annoyed if I was him. Plus, I don’t think the quality of the line is on par with the price point (around $200 a pair) and it should be lower.

    IDK I’ve just been thinking about it a lot since seeing the lookbook.


    • yay for being a fellow Carrie :). i know what you mean about her being a shoe designer. it’s hard to take a celeb fashion line seriously, especially when talented fashion design grads struggle to get their foot in the door. but who knows what the situation is with SJP. maybe she’s had other sorts of training we don’t know about it. being immersed in the fashion industry may have helped. i haven’t seen the shoes in person yet so i can’t comment on the quality but they’re made in italy so i have high hopes.