Review: Drinking Jus by Julie Without the Cleanse

jus by julie

As the title implies, you don’t need to go on a full fledged juice cleanse to enjoy a yummy cleansing juice. I’ve always loved juiced as a way to get a daily boost from vitamins (I hate taking supplements), so when Jus by Julie offered me a complimentary 6-day cleanse and 1 probiotic coffee I was stoked (who wouldn’t be?). Even if you don’t go on a cleanse, you’ll want to drink plenty of water while drinking these juices since they are detoxifying. I didn’t change my eating habits while drinking the juices (although I may have skipped breakfast once or twice); I merely added these juices to my existing routine and drank one a day. Here’s my honest recap of the juices. Remember, taste is highly subjective, so what I find great or not so great you might think is the complete opposite! Definitely give these drinks a try.

jus by julie sweet spin

Day 1: Sweet Spin – kale, spinach, pineapple, banana, mango, and rice milk

A lot of green juices contain cucumber, which I loathe, so I was glad this one had no traces of it. The juice was a little more pulpy than I’d prefer, but overall it was tasty. Green juices that contain kale usually give me acid reflux but luckily this drink didn’t do that. I even felt a boost after drinking it.

spicy lemonade jus by julie

Day 2: Spicy Lemonade – lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, h2o

I have to be honest, I did not like this flavor. I thought the cayenne pepper was too strong and overwhelming, and this is coming from someone who loves cayenne pepper on food. Many people seem to like the flavor in the reviews, though, at the ingredients are meant to stimulate circulation and detoxify, so I don’t want to discourage you from trying it. Definitely give it a try!

jus by julie dr green

Day 3: Dr. Green – kale, spinach, celery, apple, ginger, lemon, rice milk

Like the Spicy Lemonade, Dr. Green was a bit heavy on some flavors, in this case ginger. It wasn’t my favorite green juice ever, but the apple made it more tolerable.

jus by julie chia berry

Day 4: Chia Berry – chia seeds, pomegranate, strawberry, lemon, h2o, agave 

I didn’t expect to love this flavor so much. It’s sweet, tart, and refreshing. Plus it contains chia seeds for extra protein and fiber. This is a great summery drink to enjoy while walking around on a sunny day rather than sitting in your cube (which I did).

pb & jus jus by julie

Day 5: PB & Jus – all natural peanut butter, strawberry, banana, rice milk

I was beyond excited to try this flavor. As someone who loves pb&j (yes, I am a child), I couldn’t wait for Day 5 to try this drink. But as what always happens when you get your hopes up, I was letdown. Maybe I’m just not used to having peanut butter in juice, but I thought the texture of the drink was too thick. If you regularly have peanut butter in your smoothie/juice, then you’ll probably love this. This drink is marketed as a healthier dessert so it’s heavier than the other juices.

And now for my favorite flavor…

x-treme greens jus by julie

Day 6: X-treme Greens – spinach, kale, orange, pineapple, hemp seeds, lime

If I could drink this everyday, my life and health would be a 1000x better. This is the best green juice I’ve ever had. Maybe it’s the tart flavor of the orange, the sweetness of the pineapple, or the sour accents from the lime or the combination of the three that give this juice a zing. Plus it contains over 140% Vitamin C and 200% Vitamin A so you’ve got your immune system covered.

There you have it! Have you tried these juices or any other juice cleanse brands? Let me know in the comments.


Spring Trend: Ruffles for Work, Weekend, & Weddings

Now that it’s finally warm enough to dress stylish again, there’s one spring trend that I’ve been eyeing for my closet – ruffles. Even when not in season, I’ve always been a huge fan of peplums and ruffled dresses, because they are super flattering, feminine, and add a delicate contrast to structured clothes like pencil skirts (hello, workwear!). Plus, they’re are versatile enough for just about any occasion. For this post I rounded up my top ruffle picks from Farfetch for – you guessed it – work, weekend, and weddings (as a guest).

Ruffles for Work

From the ruffled cardigan to the ruffled skirt, these clothes are staples for your spring/summer work wardrobe.

ruffles for work spring trends1. Red Valentino cardigan

2. Theory ruffle tank

3. Stella McCartney sleeveless shirt

4. Stella McCartney ruffle skirt

Ruffles for Weekend

Flirty and sassy, these pieces are great for going on vacation, going shopping, or just taking a stroll through the park (with an #OOTD photo!).

2. Red ruffled fitted dress

3. Pinstripe ruffled blouse

4. Dsquared2 short peplum skirt

Ruffles for Wedding

My sister is engaged so wedding guest dresses are on my mind. Whether you’re attending a beach or indoor wedding, these dresses will stand out (in a good way!) for the spring/summer weddings on your list.

ruffles for wedding spring trend

*This post is an entry for an exclusive giveaway by Farfetch. All opinions are my own.


Spring Trend: Shades of Blush

shades of blush spring trend

Is it just me or is this season’s spring collection more romantic and feminine than past seasons? I’m not complaining. Blush is one of my favorite colors to wear so I’m glad to see it’s in abundance! Recently I’ve been stocking up closet with fresh spring clothes and reaching for soft neutrals in shades of blush and feminine textures that will transition from day to night, work to weekend. Here are my top picks:

  1. Who can resist a stylish Chloe cross body bag, especially with a chic leather and suede contrast? I may need to stop eating out if I want to afford this bag!
  2. Fashion sneakers are still a trend and these kicks from the Raf Simmons for Adidas collection will elevate your casual weekend outfits.
  3. A feminine riff on the classic shirtdress that is anything but basic for work and everything in between. Pair it with the blush heels or sneakers in this roundup.
  4. If you’re like me and bored of your standard blush, then this palette by Givenchy will excite you – and add an interesting dimension to your face.
  5. I’ve been eyeing this pretty lace dress for a couple of months now and it’s finally on sale. Wear it to a spring soiree, wedding, or when you want to feel gorgeous.
  6. The most versatile blush sandals that ever did exist. Wear them with skinny jeans, a romper, pencil skirt, or a dress. They’ll go with anything!
  7. A romantic lace blouse that can be dressed up or down. I’d style this with jeans for a more casual look or a lace skirt to take it up a notch.
  8. I love the cool perforated texture of this kate spade bag that reminds me of the weekend like most things kate spade.
  9. If you have a fancy event coming up, these darling earrings will have you covered in the ear candy department.

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The Best Hair Care Products for Blonde Balayage

blonde balayage hair care products

Coloring my hair is one of those beauty obsessions that never gets old. Even after trying every natural hair color from jet black to platinum blonde, something newer and cooler inevitably catches my eye on Pinterest and I must try it. You probably understand, but if the concept seems foreign then your hair will thank you. Seriously. So when I discovered balayage a year ago I hopped on the bandwagon – of course. I love blonde accents in my hair and balayage proved to be a more natural looking, less damaging, and low maintenance way to go “bronde” without frying my locks (which happened when I went fully blonde).

But even though balayage is a better alternative to coloring your roots, I still had to deal with the consequences of bleach. Healthy hair is already difficult to maintain when it’s regularly subjected to heat styling as my hair is. Luckily I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve tried dozens of color care shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioning masks, and leave-in treatments to know which ones really enhance and protect color and which ones are full of hype. Since the list of products to avoid is too long, I’ll keep it simple: don’t use anything with sulfates as they dry out your hair and strip out the color. The list of color care products I do love is much shorter; scroll down to check out my picks primarily from Drybar, Living Proof, and StriVectin and let me know what you use in the comments.


If you have blonde locks to protect you’ll need a purple shampoo to ensure brighter color and prevent the horror of brassiness. Drybar – Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo is my favorite option. The violet formula not only smells heavenly (as most Drybar products do) it also thoroughly cleanses my hair without stripping it of moisture. After one use my blonde highlights looked refreshed like I had just colored my hair.

Another favorite is Living Proof Restore Shampoo which replenished my hair when it was dry and damaged. Even my colorist commented that my hair was healthy – a compliment I rarely hear. This shampoo also significantly reduces breakage, so if you have curly hair this product is for you. Even thought this shampoo doesn’t necessarily enhance color, it is color safe.


A top conditioner doesn’t just moisturize hair – but also reduces damage inflicted by hair dye. A couple of my favorites lately are StriVectin Hair – Color Care Conditioner* and Living Proof Restore Conditioner. Both of these conditioners have made my hair easier to manage, smoother, healthier, and in the case of StriVectin, less prone to color fading.


Deep conditioning masks are a regular part of my hair washing routine. I envy people who can just shampoo, condition, and rinse. I, on the other hand, need a 10-minute mask to revive my hair from any damage brought on by hair dye and my straightening iron. Enter Drybar – Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask. No other mask heals my hair like this one. After one use, my hair looks shinier and healthier. Plus, it’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t weigh down my hair like other intensive masks or coconut oil. I leave it on for 10 minutes (5-7 if I’m being lazy) while in the shower. Even though it’s not designed to enhance color, it is color safe.

For a quick mask that adds color vibrancy I love StriVectin Hair – Color Care Vibrancy Booster* which nourishes my hair with a focus on enhancing color. I use this mask after conditioner and before the Mudslide to add shine and prevent my color from fading.

Leave-in Treatments

My hair routine doesn’t end at deep conditioning masks. Whether I blow dry my hair straight (usually) or keep it natural and curly, I always use a leave-in treatment to tame frizz and seal in moisture. StriVectin’s Protective Spray is designed to do just that while also protecting color from UV rays and heat styling. I also love 12 Benefits leave-in treatment which helps prevent split ends (I couldn’t believe it until I tried it!) thanks to natural proteins that strengthen hair. Both products are excellent for protecting hair but I wouldn’t use both treatments simultaneously since they could weigh it down.

And there you have it! You’re probably thinking my hair routine has too many steps and you’d be right. But they’re all worth it when I can prevent damage.

*StriVectin products provided courtesy of the brand; all opinions my own. 


#WorkoutMotivation Clothes for Yoga, Barre, and Weight Training

sweaty betty workout clothes

Full disclosure: I am not a fitness expert, far from it. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that working out is more of a chore than a hobby – at least when it comes to weight training and cardio. Yoga and barre are way more enjoyable but a healthy lifestyle requires a little bit of every workout. Enter workout clothes. It’s no secret that cute workout clothes provide the ultimate #workoutmotivation for lazy fashion people. After all, who feels motivated to go to the gym in worn out sweatpants and a college t-shirt? A stylish workout outfit gets me one step closer to working out.

For example, yesterday I tried a pair of comfy reversible yoga pants courtesy of British brand Sweaty Betty and immediately felt energized to workout. Maybe it was the high-waisted fit that provides the perfect coverup for excess belly fat, making you feel an inch closer to your goals. Or the cool asymmetrical mesh panels that juxtaposed the soft pastel design. Either way, I felt like the best dressed person at the gym despite not being anywhere near perfect shape. Plus, the pants are so cozy I didn’t want to take them off. The pants are thicker and more opaque than my usual yoga pants but that means less worry about embarrassing sweat marks and more sweat absorption.

With pretty outfits like these, working out three times a week doesn’t seem so bad. Shop my favorite picks for spring below:



Organic Beauty Products That Do It Better

organic beauty products

As is the case with food, I don’t adhere to a strict organic beauty lifestyle. I believe in moderately indulging. But since discovering organic beauty community on Instagram (who else follows The Organic Bunny?), I’ve been inspired to incorporate organic products into my makeup and skincare routine. Even though some of my favorite beauty products wouldn’t qualify as organic, I’d like to make more of an effort to minimize the amount of toxic ingredients I’m subjecting to my skin. Recent gifts from Yes to Carrots, Vita Liberata, and BITE Beauty have made this process easier and fun. Read on to find out why you should swap your exfoliator, body butter, body makeup, face mask, and lipstick for these healthier goodies.

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub

I can’t help but cringe when I remember the days I used St. Ives face scrub regularly (I know I’m not the only one!), luckily I found the light when I receive a sample of Acure in my SimplyStylist swag bag last fall and have been hooked ever since. Formulated with organic sea kelp and lemon peel, the scrub is so gentle it’s hard to believe how soft, smooth, and radiant my face looks afterwards. It also contains argan stem cells and chlorella growth factor to  stimulate new cell growth and repair, which means that unlike harsh scrubs, this one won’t strip your skin of essential oils. Best of all, the scrub is less than $10.

BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche

Ok, so these lipsticks are only 99% organic or natural, but they’re the closest thing I’ve used to “clean” lipstick. I wear lipstick everyday (a lot of it) and I inevitably ingest it whenever I eat, drink or talk. So, even though I love Tom Ford lipsticks, I much prefer the edible alternative of BITE. Not only are they incredibly pigmented, they’re also creamy, moisturizing, and don’t contain parabens, sulfates, or phtalates. Instead, they’re made with 12 edible oils and have  yummy citrus scent. The color also lasts for hours even after I’ve had something to eat. And now I don’t have to turn into a hypochondriac if I accidentally ingest a bit of lipstick.

*Gifted product from Influenster; all reviews my own. 

Vita Liberata Body Blur*

I’m obsessed with this organic body makeup by Vita Liberata. As someone who has keratosis pilaris and doesn’t tan easily, body makeup is a staple for me. I’ve used Sally Hansen leg makeup in the past but Body Blur is a thousand times better. Not only does it provide more coverage, but it also less messy and doesn’t rub off so easily. And even Gigi Hadid uses it for her photoshoots. ‘Nuf said. 

*Gifted product from Vita Liberata; all reviews my own. 

Whish Body Butter

You may remember my recap of this body butter from my January Birchbox post. This sample I received was almond which has a divine scent and is formulated with organic aloe, shea butter, and raspberry. So many body lotions contain harsh chemicals that counteract any hydrating properties so an organic alternative is especially crucial.

Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Mask*

I’ve always loved the Yes To line so when I received a mask, cleanser, and eye balm from the new Yes To Coconuts line I was enamored. Upon application of this hydrating mask formulated with coconut and avocado oils, you’ll be dreaming of eating chocolate coconut macaroons on a Hawaiian beach. This mask adds instant hydration to tired skin, leaving my face smooth and moisturized for the whole day. For those with oily skin like me, rest assured the line is perfectly safe to use – it hasn’t clogged my pores or made me breakout. 

*Gifted product from Yes To Carrots; all reviews my own. 


Back on Links à la Mode!

links a la mode

It takes a lot of dedication and organization to maintain a full-time job, a blog, various side projects, and a life. But there’s nothing that bums me out more than seeing my precious blog go weeks without being updated. So, a couple of weeks ago me and fellow blogger Scarleth of Hello Scar launched a twitter chat called #bloggersupport to motivate each other and other bloggers to keep hustlin’ while learning blogging best practices.  And so far I think it’s working! I even made it on Independent Fashion Bloggers’ recent roundup for the first time in months. #Bloggersupport chat takes place on Monday nights (add this to your #MondayMotivation list) at 8PM EST and you’re all welcome to join! For now, take a look at these awesome posts that made IFB’s Links a la Mode. My post was on the Leanne Marshall show at NYFW.

Links à la Mode, February 18